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Stone Treatment

Marble Care and Cleaning Products

Marble is a stone that’s usually polished and used for flooring, the counter’s, and showers. It might be colored or white. It is porous, and easy to stain. Acids etch marble. Avoid places, drink glasses on marble as they leave rings. Make sure cleaning employee’s do not use grout and tile cleaners with acid this will damage the stone.

Routine Cleaning

Wipe the surface with a moist micro-fiber towel that is not going to make streaks. A light coating of wax will protect the surface of marble, but isn’t considered crucial. Use wax that is colorless. A marble sealer may be applied to seal the marble, which enable soil to be wiped off with a moist fabric and will shield from staining. Use a good impregnator sealer never apply a top coat sealer on marble.

Specific Cleaning for Marble

Using a neutral marble cleaner and polish Can bring back the pristine condition of the natural stone. Purchase from a business which sells marble products.

Paste wax may be utilized to shine etched or dulled surfaces, rather using an electric polisher for buffing, and rubbing on with a moist cloth, folding and refolding to clean damp places. A marble polisher will do a better job if you like doing the work yourself.

Marble Spot Remover

Make a poultice from white absorbent material, for example blotter, a napkin, paper towel or facial tissue, dampened with the compound urged below to dissolve combination whiting; or that stain with that substance to produce a soft paste to cover the spot. The Wet Poultice Ought to be left in the spot from 1 hour up to two days, determined by the depth and the age of the spot. Plastic wrap can be placed over the poultice to make sure it stays damp it will need to be re-dampened with the substance occasionally. Blend just enough poultices for immediate use; combine a second batch after if another program is required.

Organic stains: most foods, drinks, plants, and some dyes

Oil Stains: Oil stains may contain lotion, hand cream or butter. Thoroughly clean stain area with cold water and detergent or stone soap. Apply a degreaser to the stained area and let sit for several minutes.

If stain is still present, poultice with a degreaser and poetic power.

Rust Spots: Metal container in which plant sets etc. Generally caused by metal items including a lamp, Make a poultice with hydrofluoric acid and poultice power.

Carbonated drinks acids Fruit juice or other acids will etch the stone if permitted to stay on marble. Wipe acid spill promptly up, and wipe surface with wet material. Diamond honing and re-polishing may be required.

mumbai stone service
mumbai stone service
mumbai stone service