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Marble Restoration

Restoring Your Stone Floors :

Restoration of stone is the restoring of worn stone to the state in which it was installed. It may also entail the altering of the stones surface to match a desired finish of the installation’s owner or management. In some cases an owner may desire a polished surface to be honed or visa versa. Restoration is a process that can only be done by a professional stone restoration company. A maintenance or janitorial company will not have the proper tools or experience to restore natural stone. This is not said to be critical to these types of companies. The investment of knowledge, equipment and experience needed to understand and work with stone properly is greater than what your average janitorial company can afford to pay for qualified technicians to stay with the company.

Whether it is routine polishing, scratch removal or extensive stone restoration, we utilize the most efficient and effective procedures to obtain your desired results on your floors, walls and countertops. All stone restoration projects are performed by the owner to ensure the stone is properly identified and the best procedure is used to obtain optimal results.

Restoration of polished marble or natural stone involves the removal of scratches and/or damage from the surface of the stone by means of mechanical abrasion. This is also known as diamond grinding.

Natural stone reflects light and does not need a topical coating or wax to achieve this desired finish. It only needs a series of diamond grits used in the proper order by a master technician who is experienced in their use. Restoration of a honed finish involves using a series of diamond abrasives up until the desired finish is achieved. A restoration professional will also take care to protect the surrounding surfaces from damage. The diamond grinding technique involves large amounts of water and this could be damaging to wood and carpet if measures were not properly taken to ensure the water's use was kept to a minimum and protection against splatter.

Natural Stone Restoration can be performed to your natural stone when your natural stone is excessively:

  • Dirty
  • Cracked
  • Dull
  • Chipped

We provide expert craftsmanship to achieve the stone's natural elegance. We make sure your natural stone's surface is repaired, polished, and sealed correctly the first time. With proper natural stone maintenance your stone will not need to have restoration performed. Natural stone is porous by nature and will stain. Because stone is porous you can sometimes remove the stain by reversing the staining process. If you re-absorb the stain into a medium, you can remove it from the stone. The typical medium is called a poultice. Stains should be treated as soon as possible. As time goes by it becomes increasingly difficult to remove the stain. Attempts to remove stains should not precede stain determination. Using the appropriate removal technique is important to achieve desired results. You must first ask questions to determine what the stain is. Test patches will need to be performed. In many cases it will take several tests. Once the stain has been identified the proper procedure can be applied.

These are our standard set of procedures to begin your stone restoration.

Consultation / Evaluation

First, we inspect your stone and perform a number of tests to determine the type of stone. We then inspect the wear patterns and damage on the stone. This allows us to be very precise in our decisions for our plan of action and also allows us to give you a professional evaluation of what your stone surface should look like and how we can accomplish a successful restoration of your stone to it's original state.


With the use of state-of the-art equipment and materials, we will restore your stone surface to its original beauty. All work will be completed in a professional and timely manner.

Daily Maintenance Training

Most people use what they consider to be "safe" techniques and chemicals on their stone to care for it on a daily basis. What may be safe for tile or ceramic, can be damaging to natural stone. After we restore your stone surface to its original beauty, we will train you or your cleaning people on how to maintain a restored appearance on a routine basis. We can even leave you with our recommended daily stone cleaner to use and when needed your can purchase our specially designed product "Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner" to continue to maintain your investment for perfection.

Periodic Follow-Up Restoration

Even after stone has been restored to its new beautiful appearance, this state of appearance is not permanent. Proper daily care will greatly extend your newly restored stone but on-going foot-traffic and other factors will always be wearing away at the bright, clean appearance. A periodic maintenance program will mean additional expense, but it will ensure a beautiful floor at all times and prevent the need for a complete restoration in the future. After restoration, we can design a periodic maintenance schedule. The frequency will be determined by both the needs of your specific stone and the appearance level that you would like to maintain.

mumbai stone service
mumbai stone service
mumbai stone service