Italian Marble Diamond Polishing

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Italian Marble Diamond Polishing

Marble Polishing :

  • Marble polishing and restoration
  • Italian marble, sand stone, Indian marble etc polishing done.
  • End to end solutions
  • Shine measuring mechanism
  • Total maintenance programme
  • Sealing treatment

Using Mumbai Stone Service Using state-of-the-art marble and natural stone polishing technology, technicians, and equipment with only the best cleaning materials, Classic Italian Marble Diamond has performed superb polishing in residential, industries and commercial properties throughout Mumbai, including India in the all area!Check out some of the marble and natural stone our technicians have brought back to life to make homeowners and property managers feel like their stone is brand new again!

How To Resurface and Polish Marble

Mumbai Stone Services has a range of products catered for marble surfaces. In this service, we will show you how to perform resurfacing and polishing of worn-out marble surfaces to restore mirror-like is glossy. Firstly, specially-designed mumbai stone service Pads are used for easy, fast and effective resurfacing without needing different diamond discs.

Secondly, we use mumbai stone service Marble Polishing Powder to polish until desired gloss. Mumbai stone service Marble Polishing Powder is recommended by stone factories and professional restoration specialists. Insignificant sum is required to accomplish a wet look sparkle. It is non-sharp, non-harmful, and is reasonable for all and sorts of marble.

Lastly, mumbai stone service Instant Cream is recommended for maintenance. It is a waterless polishing cream indicated for maintenance of marble surfaces. It protects with soil-resistance, water-repellence, wear-resistance and slip-resistance while polishing for long-lasting gloss.

mumbai stone service
mumbai stone service
mumbai stone service