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Purpose of using sealer and coating agents on stones

The idea of using sealers on stone surface is to prevent water from penetrating the porous structure of the stone, which eventually leads to stains, cracks, weathering, and deterioration. There are largely two types of chemical agents for stone cleaning.

Stone masonry and natural stone is used in many an outdoor hardscape including stone patios, sidewalks, walls, pool decks and more. It is usually held together by very porous mortar. This mortar will readily soak up water, which can freeze and cause the entire structure to crack and break apart. Natural stone including, limestone, flagstone, sandstone, bluestone plus many more, usually needs sealing and waterproofing as well. Natural stone is very vulnerable to stains, spills and the damaging effects of water and ice. Sealing and waterproofing your stone can enhance the color, and also reduce moss, mold and mildew growth. A sealer or water-repellent will stop this moisture from penetrating.


A sealer residue can appear in a number of ways: as a dry, white powdery deposit; streaky marks or shiny spots or the residue can take the form of a wet or greasy coating. There are a number of ways in which the problem might be rectified, depending on the circumstances. Your success is going to depend on what type of sealer, how much residue you have, and how long it has been down for. Do what is best for your investment and call a professional today.

mumbai stone service
mumbai stone service
mumbai stone service